Tough to fix damage caused by Obama

How do you know when this president is lying? His lips are moving.

There is so much wrong with this administration it can't be said in the 200 words allowed here. Higher than ever gas prices, food and clothing costs up, higher health insurance costs, increased bank fees, homes/investments worth less, the dollar worth less, unemployment rate remains high, IRS is out of control and the Mideast is burning.

For five years Obama has continued to tell people what they want to hear, demonizing big business, claiming a war on women, children and the elderly and systematically dividing the country. Obama makes a mockery of our Constitution and continues to vilify Republicans because they don't kowtow to his dictatorial whims, forgetting we are still a nation with a two-party system - one a tax-and-spend, big-government, socialist group; the other conservative, promoting less taxes and smaller government.

Obama glorifies the sleaze of Hollywood as he parties with vile rappers and other celebrities, using them to entice the gullible, young voters. People are finally seeing the truth as his plummeting poll numbers show, but he has done so much damage already it'll be hard to reverse. Is this the America we want?

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