Shameful response to Syrian war suffering

The David Ignatius op-ed, "Yearning for home in refugee camps," (May 1), which detailed Syrian life, leaves me dejected at the world's inability to mollify the warring parties in Syria. After three years of one brutality after another upping the ante, the commentary suggests, "A sound U.S. strategy for Syria begins with the recognition that this is likely to be a long war."


And if it miraculously ended today, would you call it a short war, our 13-year Afghanistan debacle notwithstanding. The real tragedy here is "Khalil Ismail al-Gothani, a refugee with eight kids living in the dust in Zaatari," but it's not really specific to the children living in squalor, as sad as that may be. It's the warped sense of war's normalcy for these children as they move into adulthood, making these camps terrorist breeding grounds. War should never, ever seem normal with nothing good coming from war's destruction and broken lives.

As the proverb goes, "War does not prove who is right, war determines who is left."

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