NL can recover if folks pull together

Having been born in New London in 1960, I felt the need to write. Part of the reason New London cannot move ahead is infighting. I know that to many of you, this is not a new thought.

When I was growing up, my father would tell me stories of a naval town where onshore leaves were almost a constant source of income. He told me about restaurants such as Dantes. He told me of a neighborhood bar that he patronized called the Kozy Korner. He mentioned that he would take my mother dancing on a Saturday night at Lamperelli's Seven Brothers. I still remember when I was taken to Benoits for that special occasion when new clothes needed to be purchased. I have fond memories of walking to Raubs Sporting Goods to get my equipment for summer camp. I remember the Five and Dime.

Memories are fine but we must be realistic about what is going on in our community today. New London is unequalled in what it can offer and what the future can bring. The naysayers have a right to their opinion, but it seems their only motivation is what is good for them, not for all.

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