Please support garden for Noank School site

Recently, there was an article, "Elderly housing provider tours Noank School site," (May 3), concerning a commercial firm wanting to develop the Noank School property as an elderly housing facility, rather than using it as a public garden for the benefit of the entire town, a concept which has already received wide public approval. Among other problems, the housing project would require increased water and sewage usage as well as a major increase in local fire/EMS services. Local fire district taxes might be affected.

The major effect would be on the local Prospect Hill area residents. With any elderly housing development will come increased ambulance and EMS response, frequently with sirens utilized. This would result in a major change in an existing, quiet neighborhood, primarily for the benefit of a commercial developer.

If someone really wants to build an additional elderly housing facility, do it on existing land in a quiet area that is available on the Mystic River Homes Property and has been available for the past 40 years.

Citizens should therefore support the concept of the Noank School Community Garden, which is being presented to the Groton Town Council Committee of the Whole on Tuesday at 6 p.m.

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