Montville government 'arrogant and corrupt'

While serving on Montville's Town Council, I proposed an independent ethics commission be formed after council Democrats dismissed an ethics complaint against former council Chairwoman Candy Buebendorf for her personal use of the town's attorney at the taxpayers expense. Ironically, three of the four councilors who vehemently opposed its formation are named in a current ethics complaint and the forth was Gary Murphy, the one who the complaint is based on.

Having the sitting council and the town's attorney who they hire acting as the town's only ethics authority paves the way for corruption. Changing the vendor's ordinance to benefit Gary Murphy in face of overwhelming opposition from the town planner, the police, planning and zoning, and economic development commissions paints an arrogant and corrupt picture of Montville's government.

Shame on spineless Mayor Ronald McDaniel for not vetoing this unethical move.

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