Morgan won't face Amistad fate, right?

I have followed the restoration of the Charles W. Morgan, and as a member of the Mystic Seaport, have visited the ship during this period. I think, as many do, that this is a very worthwhile historical event and look forward to following the forthcoming sailing adventures of the Morgan as it leaves the Seaport.

However, once it leaves the safe haven of the Seaport, one only hopes that Connecticut does not somehow figure out how to sink its clutches into the Charles W. Morgan, give it away to some organization to make money on, returning no money to the state, but the state continue to subsidize its use, then give it to another organization to use as a backdrop in a movie in Puerto Rico, and continue to subsidize it while state residents never get to see it again.

Oh, sorry, that was the Amistad, after it left the safe haven of the Seaport, where it was built. I know that this will not happen to the Morgan, and what I would like to do is give due credit to the Mystic Seaport, and all those individuals involved, for all of the time, work and effort that has gone into the restoration of the Charles W. Morgan. Sail On.

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