Manmade disaster avoidable in East Lyme

In the past month there have been two major rain events. Latimer Brook and Cranberry Brook in East Lyme were inundated with massive amounts of mud silt. Wetlands have been severely compromised. All this has happened while Herring and Sea Run Brown Trout are spawning. These are just two of the migratory fish that are spawning. I can't help wondering where the East Lyme Wetlands Commission has been. Sadly, I am embarrassed to admit that I am a commission member.

Where is the DEEP, the Army Corps of Engineers, the Connecticut Siting Council? This has been an environmental disaster. There has been major damage to acres upon acres of precious wetlands. Vernal pools have been compromised. This all happened when many species of amphibians are also breeding. This mud and silt has found its way into the Niantic River. Am I the only one who gives a damn? The Day has failed to adequately report on this. Shame on you! It is tragic that it happened once, but to have it happen a second time is criminal.

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