Full-day Pre-K just too costly for Preston

There are three questions to vote on in Preston's budget referendum Tuesday.

On the first question, to approve the education budget, I'm voting 'no' because even though one can only cut the bottom line, not specific line items, the full-day Pre-K, without first going to a part-time program as the town did with kindergarten, is not being fiscally responsible to many taxpayers in town. A minimum of $100,000 could be saved by instituting just a part-time program. Nobody in any of the budget meetings I attended could give me a satisfactory answer why this was not considered. Like the old Rolling Stones song states, sometimes "You can't always get what you want." That should apply to full-day Pre-K.

I support the general government budget with its minimal increase and urge voters to support the $100,000 capital non-recurring budget, which in order to spend from requires town-meeting approval. This fund can be used by both the Board of Education and town government to fund emergency needs.

Next year during the budget season I promise to hold a weekend public hearing during the day to address concerns of people who don't drive evenings.

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