State lacking effort to fix fiscal problem

There are options to returning this state to some normalcy regarding its spending verses its revenue. After all, a $19 billion budget is a lot of money! Connecticut has accomplished this once before with Gov. Lowell P. Weicker. We got a state income tax and instead of acting in a responsible manner went on a never-ending spending spree.

The short term solutions we have been using are excessive. Taxing, borrowing and bonding are not working. The last big tax increase and concessions, plus borrowing, has done nothing to stop the free-fall deficits. Let's look at those states that have succeeded in economic growth, retaining businesses, keeping well-off retirees and young people from fleeing.

Instead we choose to apply failed solutions that we know don't work. Where is the reform to the heavy burden of state taxes on the people and business? Where is the reform to the outrageous gasoline taxes? Where is the reform to a pension system that allows a state employee to retire at more than their yearly salary?

We are driving our tax base out of this state. Where is the courage to take us off the list of being one of the worst states in this nation to live in?

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