The ballad of Rootin' Tootin' Putin

Ol' rootin' tootin, Putin is poutin' cause we're stepin' on his foot in the country next to his door. He's hot and why not, that's what he's out for.

This ol' Red ain't comfortable in bed les' he can grab another country for his ol' back shed. He moans and groans, this is unfair cause he can't make his lions lair there.

He would like to ride in on his horse, of course, and prove, once again, that it's better to be dead then Red.

Seventy five years ago, or so, another fellow of similar bent couldn't see the bats in his belfry, so never got the hint that no matter the gall he couldn't have it all.

We're hoping and praying that the world will awake and, for God's sake, stop the flake before it's too late!

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