Weak president, tough times risk world war

We haven't seen such national foreign policy failure since the Carter administration. From Bengahzi to Syria, Iran and Pakistan, and now the Ukraine, President Obama's impotence and failures to act decisively are a pitiful foreign policy disgrace.

He seems enthralled by and in awe of President Putin of Russia and unable to stand up to him. Just recently Obama made a 2,500-mile special trip to see the Saudi King and was dismissed from there unceremoniously and disgracefully within two hours. Really, how much more disgrace can be heaped on our country because this spineless and clueless activity by Obama's administration continues?

Just see how impotent his Secretary of State John Kerry is with multiple Mideast negotiation failures including two collapsed conferences in Geneva about Syria. It is total malfeasance and criminally negligent conduct of foreign policy that will end up in a third world war. Putin's land grab is reminiscent of Hitler's in the Sudetenland and the rhetoric is much the same, and Obama is playing the appeaser, while Angella Merkel fights to keep Germany's businesses afloat at the expense of a meaningful economic sanction program against Russia.

Isn't that ironic? The Germans, of all people, are excusing this land grab, that is just like what they did before WWII!

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