Oppression of women evidenced by headlines

We love women, right? Half of our planet is women! I mean, where would we be without them?

So then, how do we let the pervasive oppression of women continue? I know, I know, eye rolls everywhere, right? Think I'm another whiney woman complaining? Let's look at the top stories in the news.

In Nigeria, over 300 young girls between the ages of 12 and 15 have been abducted from their school and are being held hostage by terrorists, priced at $12 apiece!

Michelle Knight, a former kidnapping victim for 10 years in Cleveland, speaks out. "He bound me like a fish, and hung me on the wall."

A Texas judge gives an admitted rapist a 45-day sentence and probation, after implying that the victim was promiscuous.

Monica Lewinsky speaks out after a decade of silence and talks about the humiliating nightmare her life has been since her tryst with former President Clinton. He continues to sign copies of his book.

Lastly, closest to home, Scott Gellatly, of Oxford, Conn. was arrested for the killing of his estranged wife. She leaves behind two twin toddlers.

And this was just some recent news.

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