Cynical Democratic election strategy

Following the shenanigans of Ted Cruz last year, the filibuster and the government shutdown, one might wonder whether he had mortally wounded the Tea Party, or merely moved it to the sidelines. But now it's primary season and there is renewed hope for the Tea Partiers, in Harry Reid of all people!

Sen. Reid controls a large fund to re-elect Democratic senators and hopefully retain control of the Senate. In North Carolina, he found it expeditious to spend roughly a megabuck, not as a direct gift to Sen. Hagan's re-election campaign, but to run attack ads against the leading Republican candidate, the establishment candidate, in advance of the primary. Better Sen. Hagan should face a candidate less appealing to independent voters.

This week in North Carolina, the strategy failed as Speaker Tillis easily won the Republican nomination for Senate. Soon we will learn how the Reid strategy works in Iowa and elsewhere.

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