Lyme voters to decide on budget, Selden Cove

Lyme — Residents will vote on the town's 2014-15 budget at the annual town meeting tonight, as well as a potential opportunity for open space near Selden Cove and several amendments to local ordinances.

The meeting will begin at 7:30 p.m. at the Hamburg Fire Station.

The budget stands at $11,011,206 overall - $9,361,845 in operating expenses and $1,649,361 in capital costs.

Voters also will be asked to determine the fate of an ordinance that would allow the Board of Selectmen to appoint town constables, rather than have them continue to be elected officials. The ordinance, made possible by a change in state law, would enable the board to appoint constables after the current term of an elected constable expires.

Another ordinance up for voter approval would allow selectmen to appoint members to a Board of Assessors, as well as outline their qualifications and compensation, again due to state statute.

Also on the docket is a proposed revision to the Lyme Cemeteries Fund that would provide additional ways to pay for maintaining the town's cemeteries, First Selectman Ralph Eno said. Specifically, the change would allow the trust to use not only interest to maintain the cemeteries, but also its fund assets.

A future open space opportunity to acquire 2.87 acres on Selden Road, with "limited waterfront access to Selden Cove," is also on the agenda.

A vote of approval tonight would give the selectmen the go-ahead to accept the parcel, contingent on a pending deal that would allow the Lyme Land Conservation Trust to purchase the land using private donations and a state open preservation grant. The trust intends to transfer the property to the town.

The town would not provide any part of the purchase price. The town would pay only for two appraisals of the property, Eno said.

Residents also will receive a copy of the town report during the meeting.


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