Consider some information that contradicts warnings of climate doom

Regarding the article, "Rising climate unease: Sea level predictions, stormy weather trends prompt new awareness in communities," (May 11). Maybe the sky isn't falling! The author failed to balance the alarmist article with these facts:

1. This year is among the coldest years on record in the United States.

2. Global sea ice area is near a record high for the date.

3. Antarctic sea ice area is at a record high for the date.

4. No global warming for almost two decades.

5. Last two years were the quietest on record for U.S. tornadoes.

6. Last year was a near record low season for Atlantic hurricanes.

7. Nine years without a major U.S. hurricane (category 3-5) strike - longest on record. Sandy was a tropical storm when it landed above Atlantic City.

8. The United States has been cooling since 1940.

9. Record springtime ice on the Great Lakes.

10. Since 2004 the Northern Hemisphere winter snow cover was the highest decade on record.

11. U.S. winter temperatures have been plummeting since 2000.

12. New London: NOAA states mean sea level trend is 2.25 mm/year with a 95 percentconfidence interval of +/- .25 mm/year based on monthly mean sea level data from 1938 to 2006, equivalent to a change of just 0.74 feet in 100 years.

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