Democrats endorse Moukawsher in 40th House District

Democrats in the 40th District endorsed incumbent Ted Moukawsher at their nominating convention Tuesday night. He is seeking a seventh term.

“I think we’re at a watershed right now where with the next budget we do, we’re looking at a major deficit,” he said. “We have to re-evaluate our spending, our priorities.

“Our speaker has talked about doing tax reform and I’d like to be part of that because I have some ideas, and taxes need to be more equitable. I think the taxes have gotten skewed by particular provisions that favor certain groups over others. We need to re-examine what we’re doing.”

The legislature also must budget in a way that the state can sustain regardless of whether the economy is strong or struggling, Moukawsher, of Groton, said.

“We really need to look at our municipal tax structure,” he said. “I think we can make this a much better state to live in and do business in if we do it right.”

Republican John F. Scott, a Mystic resident and member of the Groton Representative Town Meeting, is challenging Moukawsher for the seat.

The 40th House District represents Ledyard and Groton.


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