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Article perfectly captured spirit of 'Cactus Jack'

We want to recognize Ann Baldelli for the beautiful article, "Generosity of 'Cactus Jack' lives on afer him," (April 15), about our dad, Edwin Evento (Cactus Jack) and The Cactus Jack Foundation! It brought a flood of memories back to us.

Ann captured our dad perfectly, especially in the last sentence, when she described all the accomplishments of the Cactus Jack Foundation and then went on to state, "he would like what they're doing, but he'd also like to be here and tell them how to do it."

My family believes, of all the articles ever written about dad, this article captured him best. Ann not only got all the facts right, but showed in simple fashion all of his characteristics right down to a tee. Dad would have retorted, "I like your style."

We appreciate you for interviewing Dan Pickett and John Ryan, they are extraordinary men and without their leadership and the help of all the individuals of the Cactus Jack Foundation, our dad's legacy would have been forgotten. He was one of a kind and we are grateful to The Day for keeping his legacy alive.

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