Project Update: Turf Bid Opening June 7

So the Turf, Track, and Tennis Court (Triple T) bids are now out to contractors interested in bidding on the project to upgrade the high school's athletic facilities.

The deadline for submission of contractor bids to the town is June 11, the date when the bids will also be publicly opened. The Triple T Building Committee plans to do a bid review between 3 and 6 p.m. on June 11.

At the most recent Triple T Building Committee meeting, Luke McCoy presented an anticipated schedule for the project. Included in this schedule is a key milestone, the project groundbreaking, projected to be no later than June 30.

In another vote, the Triple T Committee decided to place an image of the Old Saybrook High School mascot, the Ram, at the center of the new artificial turf field. The Ram drawing on which this field image will be based was developed by Old Saybrook High School art teacher Al Mortali.



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