Stonington conflict must be addressed

I would like to recognize The Day for shedding some light on the recent activities of the Stonington Conservation Commission, "Stonington conservation panel's vote draws criticism," (May 16).

Stuart Cole's unwillingness or inability to see such an obvious conflict of interest is quite disconcerting. I presume that he and the other members of the commission who are also on the Board of the Stonington Land Trust are aware of the fact that as members of that board they are required to represent and pursue the interests of the Land Trust above all others.

Apart from the issues raised in the article, consider that recently the Denison Pequotsepos Nature Center was raising funds to purchase the Coogan Farm. This would add open space to the town and be open to the public. The conservation commission declined to make any contribution in support of that endeavor.

It is time for Stonington to have a conservation commission that functions as it is intended to function and that represents all residents of this town. The members of the commission who are also members of the Stonington Land Trust should immediately resign from one or the other. It is not possible, even for well-intentioned individuals, to represent both entities fairly.

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