Unhappy with Linares' Tea Party style politics

The Day carried a press release from Sen. Art Linares praising his work in office, "Senator Linares Endorses McKinney for Governor," (April 30). Linares' voting record tells a different story. Linares has voted against increasing the minimum wage, against allowing absentee voting for commuters and other busy residents, and against gun safety. All of these measures have broad support, yet his website does not even mention his votes against them.

Linares pledged transparency. His handling of the Newtown gun safety law illustrates how he has broken that pledge. In explaining his "no" vote, Linares was quoted in the press as saying that he "did not have a chance to read the bill."

In truth, Linares was a member of the bipartisan task force that drafted much of it. He was called upon to explain his "no" vote on his website, as well disclose information he apparently gave to the National Rifle Association, which awarded him its 92 percent approval rating, the highest in the state; he declined.

His record seems more aligned to the Tea Party than the mainstream. Is this surprising? It was only a few years ago that he "proudly" worked for Sen. Marco Rubio, known as the "Crown Prince of the Tea Party."

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