Why support transit if it's not working well?

A palm card to contact Congress in support of better transit has been passed out at the Norwich Transportation Center. It states a list of proposals that will stimulate the economy. It claims they will create jobs and improve the quality of life in this area. These cards are high quality. What jobs are at stake? What initiated the immediacy to get the word out? The majority of people who received these cards will never write or call Congress. I believe they do not understand the politics of transportation.

Southeastern Connecticut transportation is dysfunctional, supported by people reliant on low incomes. It is a dog chasing its tail. It gets individuals to low-paying jobs and people with disabilities a ride in circles to nowhere. Taxi service is provided for medical needs.

The transportation system has poor customer service. There is no competitor. It is a government reliant company. Businesses must find a way to increase revenue with customers. The bus must increase its revenue with ridership. The ridership can begin with the people who work for SEAT. Then take away the state cars of the government workers who serve the people reliant on the bus. SEAT riders are not reading this letter.

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