Montville Mayor should decline big pay hike

A $19,000 pay increase for Montville's Mayor Ronald McDaniel is outrageous, "Mayoral pay spike" (May 19).

The finance committee reasons that the mayor's salary does not compare to that of surrounding towns, which is like comparing apples to oranges.

Montville is faced with a load of legal debt due to bad decisions. Major industries have left, and have not been replaced. The WPCA costs continue to skyrocket, and all this lost revenue is passed on to the residential taxpayer. The casino does nothing to fill the tax void, and also adds to our accumulating debt.

Surrounding towns don't have these problems. The taxpayers will also see an added .31 mill tax increase this year to pay for the $57.1 million budget. With luck, Mayor McDaniel will see fit to refuse this ridiculous pay increase, and instead, accept the lesser amount increase proposed by Billy Caron.

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