Fox News speaks truth about Obama

George Orwell wrote, "The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it." For proof, just say "Fox News" in the presence of head-in-the-sand Obamacrats and watch their apoplectic reaction! They can't stand a network that refuses to kowtow in obsequious homage to their affirmative action, dissembler in chief.

This inept, unqualified charlatan has done incalculable damage at home and abroad. Our remaining allies no longer trust us and dangerous adversaries no longer fear or respect us. Vladimir Putin, "the topless terror," projects a macho image of unflinching spit in your eye leadership while Obama performs his effeminate dance on the stairs of Air Force One.

Emboldened enemies around the globe must be laughing in glee and thanking the useful American idiots for such a strategic gift. We are witnessing in real time the disastrous consequences of low information childlike voters, naively dazzled by ersatz political shiny objects, fairy tale promises and hopey-dopey jingles. Irresponsible citizens have mindlessly surrendered our freedom and democracy won at such a terrible price in blood, suffering and treasure into the hands of a regime of arrogant self-serving knaves.

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