Senatorial lip service to vets' health needs

I watched in absolute disgust as the Senate Veteran's Affairs committee grilled the head of the Veteran Affairs (VA), Erik Shineski. The described "cooking the books" of VA records at some hospitals is unacceptable and has to be resolved. What infuriates me are the senators who are running this show, which is being put on for their own edification. These are the same people who have no problem sending these soldiers off to Iraq, Afghanistan, and everywhere else to get their arms and legs blown off, receive traumatic brain injuries, and all types of life altering injuries. They send off these soldiers clearly without the thought for the cost, time, and space for caring for these heroes, the affect on families, or long term consequences. These hearings are not about fixing the VA problems, they are about senators getting their face in the public showing their disgust.

If the VA is one doctor short, one nurse short, one therapist short, one bed short, theses senators aren't doing their job. However, I am absolutely sure that all these committee members spent plenty of time and taxpayer money building some bike path, gazebo, or water park back home with tax dollars.

They should spend time discussing priorities.

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