Montville mayor's raise was legal thievery

On May 14, five Montville town councilors voted to give the mayor a $19,000 pay increase (31 percent). How can these councilors justify giving the mayor such a large increase and not feel guilty of legally stealing money from the taxpayers? Their reasoning is that Montville needs to be in line with other towns of its size.

Montville needs to pay what the taxpayers can afford.

What great things has this mayor done to save money and justify this increase? Long lunches, leaves Town Hall an hour and a half before it closes. I observed it. There is no good reason to justify such a large increase. It's legal, but to me it's political corruption, an abuse of power. Call it what you want, it is not why they were elected.

They rob money from the grants to upgrade sidewalks and security in the schools so they can buy vehicles for town departments. Why couldn't they add the money to the school budget for armed police officers in our schools to protect our children and staff? They did this less than a month before the new budget was approved. It's just another way to spend more money.

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