Nation won't forgive political Benghazi lies

Congressional Democrats dismiss as Republican grandstanding the latest House investigation into the 2012 attacks against our diplomatic facilities in Benghazi. They say no further study is needed because President Obama has already admitted that security was deficient and that he didn't rescue any personnel.

Democrats fear the investigation will uncover that Obama lied about who launched the attacks, in order to protect his re-election prospects. Most Americans have forgiven Obama for his mistakes, but will not forgive a lie.

The attacks were carried out by a terrorist group named Ansar al-Sharia. Four men, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens, were murdered. The attacks undermined Obama's claim that he had rolled back terrorism.

Following the murders, Obama and his staff stated repeatedly that the attacks were spawned by demonstrators angry at an anti-Muslim film produced in California.

These statements, coupled with a government investigation that would take months to complete, allowed Obama to dodge questions about Benghazi until after the election.

Americans need to know if Obama's false statements were lies or based on bad intelligence. Four men were killed in service to our country. Let's hope their deaths were not trivialized by politics.

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