Appears low-info letter writer wants dictator

A May 23 letter, "Fox New speaks truth about Obama," castigates the "low information" American voter for putting in office democratically elected leaders, as opposed to the kind of government the author apparently wants - authoritarian Russian-style government like the one headed by Vladimir Putin.

The author joins Rudy Giuliani and Sarah Palin in his praise of Putin's "macho image" and "spit in your eye leadership," which is a pretty easy style of leadership to project if you have eliminated - through a secret police, the army, bribery and imprisonment - your political enemies.

My theory is that if Barack Obama ordered, ala Putin, the armed takeover of any and all gas and oil industries and jailing of, let's say, the Koch Brothers, this might gain him some respect from Americans who otherwise disparage him and his presidency, but admire the near dictatorship that is ruling Russia.

And speaking of "low information," the May 23 letter opened with a George Orwell quote that three minutes of research on the Internet revealed to be fake, not from Orwell, but from a conservative raconteur named Selwyn Duke in 2009. "Low information" voters indeed, but what should one expect from a Fox News admirer?

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