Prefers religious-free peace to doomsayer

It's difficult to believe that Dr. Paul Mali, who has been advertising Christian messages in The Day, was successful in the world of academia. In his ads, he makes questionable statements, represents them as fact and doesn't cite his sources. And he seems to be a self-proclaimed judge of the modern moral world.

A little research will show him that AIDS isn't an illness exclusive to gay marriage. Further, it's not his business if 70 percent of women aren't virgins on their wedding night. Actually, it's not clear who his gripe is with - teenage pregnancy, priests, the Catholic Church, Christian ministers or the 85 percent of Christians "in name only"? Neither sinners nor Christians are satisfying him.

And since Dr. Mali considers only 15 percent of Christians to be true Christians, there doesn't appear to be enough people to bring change and hence avoid the modern apocalypse that he envisions.

Personally, I'm going to stay in my non-Christian, loving home and let the 15 percent of existing Christians deal with Dr. Mali's doom. I had no idea of the chaos that exists in some people's minds. My world was enriched; my mind found peace when I left organized religion. Is there a message here?


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