Powell union bashing is growing tiresome

Predictably, Chris Powell is bashing the unions again, "Campaigns for governor pander to the unions," (May 25). We've given back plenty during my 29 years of service. To listen to Powell, yet again we're the reason for the downturn of the economy, not the Koch brothers, not Wall Street.

I wasn't at the campaign speech where Gov. Malloy stated that he's our servant. That's a laugh. This governor may have a difficult time being re-elected with our vote. We were willing to respectfully and fairly come to the table and give concessions, but were unnecessarily bullied into it. Sadly, this election for me and many voters will come down to the lesser of the two evils.

To suggest that union members are organized against taxpayers is the absolute worst insult thus far by Powell. I guess that would mean we're organized against ourselves. I suggest he do some investigative journalism into poor management (probably not interested since they're non-union), hiring of unnecessary consultants and projects started but never completed.

We're middle-class workers trying to make a living like everybody else. Rather than constantly making us the villains, let's strive for all Americans to get to a better place.

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