Powells' anti-labor rants fire up reader

I wasn't surprised to read Chris Powell's op-ed, "Campaigns for governor pander to the unions," (May 25). He takes a statement the governor made out of context and makes the case that he is too cozy with organized labor. Gov. Malloy, on numerous occasions, has said "I am your servant" to a plethora of groups.

Powell goes on to rant about the public unions and how they have destroyed his world. The writer has always been an anti-worker, anti-union zealot. I have never heard him comment about the Koch brothers and their influence by giving $125 million to right-wing nuts.

We in organized labor try to help those who are fair to us and punish those who would harm us. We are different than the fat cats who are constantly trying to destroy the middle-class in this country.

Union workers protect Powell's property, plow his streets and respond if there is a fire. In his world, they should all work part-time for minimum wage and depend on the state for health care. I recognize he is a columnist and entitled to his view, but disappointed that he has the same views as Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan, and Tom Foley.

He does, however, get my blood moving and heart rate up.

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