Clarifying the purpose of the Noank gardens

The Groton Town Council has voted to enter into a lease agreement with the Noank School Public Garden group. The school grounds remain the property of the Town of Groton and the particulars of the lease are being worked out with the town's attorney. This garden will be open to all residents of the town and City of Groton and a designated portion of the cultivated field will be used for public distribution.

The fundamental idea behind the garden is both educational and recreational. Liaisons with both Fitch High School and Ella Grasso Tech High School are planned to not only provide food growing opportunities but food preserving, preparation and nutrition awareness. Many people who live in Groton rent homes that have yards that are unsuitable for growing, as do many home owners. The public garden will serve as a meeting place for the community at large and as a laboratory for small scale sustainable gardening.

One of our town councilors commented that as a nation we seem to be suffering from a national amnesia that has led us to forget our individual capabilities for taking care of ourselves and each other. Let's get together this summer and re-remember some of it.

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