State tax and spending killing our middle class

I have watched with chagrin over the past three years the unbelievable spending by our Connecticut legislators run by Gov. Malloy at the expense of the middle class. The rich couldn't care and the poor have the government behind them.

Recent articles in The Day stated that half the properties are tax exempt in New London. Is it any wonder that New London is near bankruptcy? House of Representatives Speaker Brendan Sharkey, a Democrat, offered a change for the better by taxing some or all nonprofits. Some make millions. These egregious nonprofits, to name a few, include Mystic Aquarium and Garde Arts Center, which will benefit by its partnership with a new magnet school. Why is that necessary?

The biggest problem is that our state continues to spend taxpayer money recklessly. The middle class could not even get a morsel of help, with the governor ditching his $55 per person rebate plan. State dollars spent on the Amistad, which The Day and the IRS portray as a phoney institution, is an example of poor legislative decision making.

When will it end?

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