Indulging in frozen yogurt at The Fresh Cow

Frozen yogurt at The Fresh Cow
Frozen yogurt at The Fresh Cow

Many frozen yogurt stores are decorated like some grown-up’s poor vision of what teenagers might find appealing — neon walls, neon spoons, poppy music, basically your Pee-wee Herman of the frozen yogurt world.

Enter The Fresh Cow in East Lyme. I’ll admit it: I judged this joint by its cover. I liked its store sign — it said clean, cool, sophisticated. So I ventured in.

The store offers 15 flavors. My mainstay for frozen yogurt is the original tart, so I chose California tart, which was well, pleasantly tart and clean-tasting. I also loved the espresso, which tasted like real coffee, and triple chocolate, which again tasted like the real thing and not like a fake syrup added in to mimic the flavor.

Like other self-serve frozen yogurt shops around, there was no end to the array of toppings you could choose. Whenever I thought I had reached the end of the toppings options, I stumbled on another section of toppings. Don’t be like me and end up with a 16-ounce cup of frozen yogurt with a sky-high pile of mochi, gummy bears, Heath bar chips, Cap’n Crunch, etc., like I did. If you do, you’ll end up paying more than $8 ($0.48 per ounce) for your supposed post-dinner treat.

The store’s machines did seem to run a bit warm; I would have liked my frozen yogurt colder and firmer so it didn’t limply land in my cup after a ceremonial squirt of melting yogurt.

The Fresh Cow is at 325 Flanders Road in East Lyme. Open 12:30 to 9 p.m. Sundays through Thursdays and 120:30 to 10 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays.

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