Guns can help reduce the killing by lunatics

Here we go again. Every time some deranged person with a lengthy history of mental illness crawls out of the woodwork and starts killing people we hear the same old story from people such as the letter writer of , "Blood on court's hands," (May 30), who this times blames five members of the Supreme Court.

How about the fact this latest disturbed person also used a knife to kill his three roommates before using his car to run down innocent people in the street?

I've said it before and I'll say it again, you can't legislate against lunacy. Sadly, these things are going to happen as long as there are insane people roaming the streets. If these sick individuals don't have a gun, does anyone really expect them to forget their homicidal plans? Not likely. They set fires, go online to discover how to build a bomb, poison Tylenol bottles in random pharmacies, etc.

I say if more responsible, licensed gun owners were on the scene, the carnage might at least be lessened.


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