Please slow down for God's little critters

It really saddens me to see wild animals that have been hit by cars, left lying in the road. It's especially upsetting this time of year, because this is when many of them have families left behind, orphaned.

It's very disgusting that I see people speeding, having no regard for these poor creatures that make their way into the roadways, or for a domestic animal that might also run out into the road.

I'm not saying that this tragedy can always be prevented, but if you're driving like a maniac, there's no way you can stop for them. Or maybe you are heartless and wouldn't bother stopping or slowing down anyway.

I drive the speed limit, and by the Grace of God, I have always been able to stop for God's creatures. If you are tailgating me, as so many people do, I'm going to stop anyway for my wildlife friends. If you plow into me, I'm be willing to bet who will get the ticket, especially if the police officer who arrives loves animals as much as me!

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