Wrong spending sewer fees on favored charity

Am I the only one who has a problem with the administrator of the Montville Water Pollution Controal Authority giving away $2,500 of ratepayer money to Project Graduation? While this is a very worthy cause, the WPCA is a public utility not a private corporation, therefore they are not allowed to spend your money in such a fashion. Additionally, the money was used to send four people to an all-day golf outing including dinner and prizes. The mayor was advised of this and turned his head.

Even more disturbing is that the chairman of the WPCA has a child in this year's graduating class, as does another member of the Town Council. This is not only morally wrong and against the rules, but it violates the town's code of ethics. We can only hope the administrator took the day off as a vacation day and the ratepayers didn't pay his salary while he was golfing.

It's sad to say, but this type of behavior is becoming the norm under current leadership. What else are they spending your money on?

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