The real problem with VA medical care

It's another instance of a government operated service that has shown its inefficient underbelly in ways that have been harmful to veterans. It's the result of being operated for the system, rather than for the customers of the system.

From personal experience, I have nothing but praise for the state's VA clinics and hospitals. That doesn't mean they're great, but compared to other current state examples, they apparently do well.

The VA problem highlights the systematic problems of government-operated businesses. If they discover a problem for which they're responsible, they attempt to cover it up since systemic managers can't stand surprises. As an employee of a system, one finds that their responsibility is to the group they work with and the system. Thus by its nature, it puts its customers at best third in responsibilities.

Decisions as to how many of what procedures will be performed in an 8-hour day is resolved in favor of the work groups needs and desires first, then the system requirements, and then the patient.

Obamacare reeks with the inefficient use of money, people, time, and energy with poor results. Should we be surprised that the VA system has matured to the point where it's considered a scandal?

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