Never mind Afghanistan, time to stop the killing right here in America

With roughly 32,000 gun deaths annually in the United States, (87/day, 3.6/hour and 640 per state), this maniacal insanity is tough to avoid as the news in brief reports, "Chicago's Mayor offers gun store law," on top of, "Students return to class after rampage," (May 29), at University of California, Santa Barbara in the latest mass murder shooting that's becoming as American as baseball, hot dogs and apple pie.

Not to be outdone, "3-year old shoots younger brother," in Arizona, which makes you wonder if we're capable of outsmarting a 3-year-old, which just can't happen without common sense restrictions on gun ownership, which 90 percent of the public supports.

So what's the problem? Turn to your May 29 editorial: "At last, an end game in Afghanistan?" Heck no! I want an end game to gun deaths and I want it now!

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