USS Missouri returns to Groton

Groton — The Navy announced that the USS Missouri (SSN 780), a Virginia-class attack submarine, returned to Groton Sunday after an 11-week overseas deployment.

The crew of more than 140 officers and enlisted personnel left March 24 to conduct “assigned theater security missions” in the U.S. European Command region, according to the Navy announcement. It stopped in Faslane, Scotland during the voyage. This was the submarine’s second overseas mission as it completed an inaugural six-month deployment last December.

Cmdr. Michael Luckett, the commanding officer of the Missouri, said his crew excelled.

“I am proud and they should be proud of what they accomplished,” he said in the Navy announcement.

Rear Admiral Ken Perry, commander of Submarine Group 2, said Missouri demonstrated “readiness and responsiveness” when it answered the nation’s call to go back out and conduct forward operations only three months after returning from the 2013 deployment.

“Our citizens are frequently unaware of the sacrifices that our submarine force makes to support our nation,” wrote Vice Adm. Michael Connor, commander, Submarine Forces. “As your force commander, I am grateful and humbled by the sacrifices made by the crew and families of Missouri.”


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