Again say no to costly N. Ston. school project

The voters of North Stonington voted "no" on the $47 million school project, but it seems the Board of Education didn't like that, so now they are proposing a $41 million project to be voted on June 23. I can't help but think it is only to meet a June 30 deadline to apply for waivers and grants from the state.

There are no guarantees the town will receive them, but if voters approve, taxpayers will be required to pay the loan back.

Last year we voted in a $6 million EMS/Fire complex. I don't believe that figures in any future fire trucks and equipment that may be needed. The same goes for the school project. What extra costs will burden the taxpayers? Cost overruns, more teachers, teacher aides or more curriculum?

I understand that my parents paid for me, and I helped pay for my kids schooling. My parents paid for grades 1st to 12th, not pre-K or K. Maybe it's time for parents to pay for their own children's pre-K and K.

Vote "no" and let the board understand that the proposal is too costly, puts too much debt on the town, too much burden on the taxpayer and there are alternatives.

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