Obama broke law, endangered security

The alliance of nations that supported and followed us into this war against terror of the al-Qaida/Taliban terrorists that rained down on 9/11 certainly have reservations in the leadership of this president. This one sided exchange of prisoners was made without any consultation with Congress or our allies.

What laws or agreements were broken in doing this? This president deemed irrelevant the rule of law. He acted on his own, set the tone, compromised any chance of an honest investigation by the Army to conduct an investigation into Bergdahl's actions.

Trading five general staff officers who are master planners for one soldier will come back to haunt this nation. I assure you they can plan quite well while they are guests in Qatar.

You are naive to think that given al-Qaida's involvement throughout Islam that they will not target American military or civilians. This president feels comfortable moving away from any special relationships with Europe, especially England, who committed 42,000 troops initially. I can hardly wait to see who comes to our aid next time!

This emperor should re-clothe himself with the Constitution for the good of the nation.

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