Reader has own idea on Amos Lake pollution

It's very obvious that the houses on the hill, all sardined in up there overlooking Amos Lake in Preston, are the main source of the lake's pollution. It's laughable that it's being blamed on business in Preston City.

Back when my parents ran their dairy farm, the Connecticut milk inspector had to know where your well was, the one that kept your milk house and milk tank washed down. No farm animal could be housed near that private well for fear the animal's waste would pollute it.

Now what's the difference having all those sewers drain into Amos? Building homes on Preston waterways with no commercial sewer system to tie into is wrong and it has consequences. Preston streams all run down into Mystic, all the way out to Long Island Sound. Now the shellfish have problems.

Officials are slow to catch contamination. First it was an oil spill in Poquetanuck Cove, now it's making excuses for Amos Lake's over development and no main sewer lines to hook into.

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