Despite budget vote, the teachers persevere

As teachers in Griswold, we face another harsh round of budget cuts. As you know, we work with the hand we are dealt, monetarily and beyond. Whether it means a lack of pencils, a stock of tissues that have been depleted, or the fact that class sizes just might be two students larger, all teachers in Griswold go above and beyond what it takes to help move students forward.

Once again, as many districts during these tough economic times tighten their belts, the teachers in Griswold embark upon what we do best, working with less and producing more. When it comes to teachers and schools providing the stability students crave, Griswold stands alone.

So on June 6, as teachers were feeling the gloom and doom of more cuts, we all understood each other without words. Although morale is down, it's only temporary. So the beat goes on, and so do we, with little, less, or no funds. I wish and hope the larger community perceives it as a teacher's calling; it's what we do best.

Griswold is different, including its community, its culture, and the fact that Griswold cares for what we deliver - amazing and talented students.

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