Ask the NS voters to close school or not

Three weeks ago while out of town, a neighbor informed me North Stonington couldn't get an absentee ballot to me and back in time to vote for a May 5 vote on appropriating $47 million for the school building project. I came home. Voting "no" was important to me!

In the headlines, "North Stonington residents reject $47 million school project," (May 6), in paragraph 15, Superintendent Peter Nero, stated, "We'll come back with something."

In a budget meeting May 14, they did, and we'll be asked to vote again in two weeks! Nero likes to say there was a mandate to keep the school open after my petition effort last year and he held a meeting at the school, of parents. Also that the decision is the Board of Education's. What we need is, rather than many votes whittling away a little, is to add to the ballot a definitive "yes" or "no" question - keep the school open or close the school.

If the school board provided that clear question (and it should), it would make that decision easier.

Ask the question!


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