Selective recollection of parish's sad saga

I am a member of Bishop Seabury Anglican Church, and I write this letter in response to the letter, "Bishop Seabury saga: setting record straight," (May 14), from Canon Karin Hamilton of the Episcopal Church in Connecticut.

Unfortunately, Canon Hamilton doesn't have it exactly right. Inadvertently, or otherwise, she fails to mention the conditions in the offer to lease the property back to the Bishop Seabury parish.

The Rev. Ronald Gauss, rector of Bishop Seabury for over 30 years, would have to leave. This was and still is a nonstarter. Over the years he has ruffled the feathers of some of his peers from time to time. The bishop has often urged him to retire. He speaks the truth and is an unwavering champion of Gospel of Jesus Christ. He will leave when he feels the time has come. He will not be pushed. The parish is behind him 100 percent.

We would also be required to renounce the Anglican Church and return to the Episcopal Church of America with its politically correct beliefs in homosexuality and same-sex marriage.

I certainly hope Canon Hamilton knows that this is what our litigation with the diocese was all about.

Frank Wellerdieck

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