The Day's coverage of family's tough problem was exploitation

When I first saw the story, "Stonington police charge twin sisters with driving under the influence," it was on under the header "Latest Headlines," squashed in between an article detailing an armed robbery investigation and another talking about the return of a U.S. Navy destroyer to port in Groton. Our local newspaper is obviously not above the cheap thrills designed to attract people to meaningless stories that will keep them occupied for a few minutes; maybe long enough to leave a comment that further demeans the people in the story.

I know a cheap shot when I see one, and the one you took at these two girls and their family is as cheap and mean spirited as I have ever seen. There is absolutely no reason for this article to exist besides filling a gap under "headlines" and giving people a cheap chuckle.

The obvious defense for running the story is to raise awareness about the drinking and driving problem. If that is the goal, reach into the police logs for the last few months and make the case that our community needs to get its act together. Instead, you focus on one family to make an example of. For what? You tell me.

That article defined the term, "Kicking someone when they're down."

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