GOP blocks efforts to curb U.S. emissions

The Obama administration's carbon tax is intended to steer the power industry to a 30 percent reduction in emissions by 2030. Power plant emissions are 40 percent of total emissions. This is a goal of reducing total emissions 12 percent by 2030. It does not affect gasoline emissions, which are 30 percent of total emissions.

China has a goal of a 45 percent reduction in the power industry emissions by 2020 and is well on the way to achieving it. The EU has a goal of a 50 percent reduction in total emissions by 2030. France and Germany have low emissions already, using nuclear more advanced than the U.S., and renewables. Sweden (75 percent nuclear) and Norway (totally hydro) have negligible emissions.

There is little wonder our country is lagging behind the rest of the world in responding to the climate change threat to planet Earth with an extremist like the Republican Senator from Oklahoma, who earned a bachelor of arts at 40 and calls climate change a hoax, as past chairman of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works and now ranking member.

What a hopeless zoo!

Our emissions are exceeded by only China. Our obligations to mankind are not being met.

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