What a mess bad policy has wrought

The Day's June 13 editorial, "U.S. DNA all over Middle East mess," had it right, yet the political leadership continues fumbling the ball. One of Bush's worst moves was removing the only man that had brought stability to Iraq - Sadam Hussein - second only to the war the U.S. imposed on Iraq, destroying its country and erasing its stability.

President Obama's foreign policy of gradualism in bringing our wars to an end is awful. Now in his second term, Obama's signature sign is the question mark over his head. The answer is do nothing - no planes, no money, no armaments, no troops and no support. We've supported Iraqi Prime Minister al-Maliki for years with tons of aid that should have been used in this country. Nothing has changed in Iraq - it's chaos, chaos, chaos, with lots of corruption abetting the failure of the government.

Change comes slowly to those who are stupid - on both sides.

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