Gun violence ingrained in today's U.S. society

This letter is in response to the June 7 letter, "Never mind Afghanistan, time to stop the killing right here in America."

First off, I hear you. There is too much gun violence in this nation, but our country has been and will be a gun nation as long as the Constitution supports it.

To me all the senseless killing going on is actually nothing new. When I was growing up in rural Rhode Island in the 1970s, there were a few incidents where youths killed each other with irresponsibly stored firearms. I believe that from the exploited coverage and escalated communication speed, it is no wonder why we're learning about all of these tragic incidents so regularly.

If you want to work at putting an end to gun violence in our nation we should concentrate our efforts more on education and the reduction or ceasing of violent video games that mesmerize many of today's youths into a make believe existence where killing is a pseudo reality that sometimes, I believe, stretches to the real world.

As for putting the nation's attention on ending domestic violence, think of all the money we'll have for addressing that problem if we get troops out of Afghanistan?

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