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Tennant-Zinewicz School holds final graduation ceremony

Norwich – Eight students graduated in the final commencement at the Deborah Tennant-Zinewicz School Monday, along with five students who completed their high school requirements at other non-traditional programs. 

Graduates from the DTZ School are: Andrew Bennett, Christian Bitar, Rudy Franco, Corey Michalski, Emelia Moreno, Robed Poto, Tashaea Sebastian, and Natisha Sekerak. 

Graduates receiving Norwich Public Schools diplomas from other programs are: John Anderson, Shawn Barrows, Jesse Braboy, Neil Foster, and Charles Marker. 

DTZ, run by Natchaug Hospital, will close this month as a high school clinical day program, and the building will be converted into a preschool center housing the city’s Family Resource Center classes.

High school age students will attend other programs in the region run by Natchaug Hospital and other private educational services.


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